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The word ‘Remisier’ is not found in any English dictionary. It is a French word meaning ‘intermediate man’. In the context of the Paris Bourse, a remisier is a half-commission broker. In the present Singapore context, a remisier is a licensed Trading Representative who is attached to a SGX member broking firm and who receives 40% of the commission. Until mid seventies, the commission rate was 50%.

The first remisiers started work after the 2nd World War with early firms such as Fraser & Co, Lyall & Evatt and J. M. Sassoon.

They dealt mainly in commodity stocks (mainly rubber and tin) which were listed on the London Stock Exchange for investors in Singapore and Malaya.

The Professional Remisier

- A Misunderstood Profession

The Business Times 28 February 2019
Letter to The Editor : Remisiers have multiple value-added roles before, after share transactions.