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Users of the Society Of Remisier's  website must note that by using the chatroom  in, you are deemed to have read and have accepted the Usage Guidelines as set out below, and be bound by them. The Society Of Remisiers (Singapore) reserves the right to change these Usage Guidelines at any time, and it will be posted to the Website. Your use, after any of these changes have been posted will constitute your agreement to be bound by the revisions in the Guidelines.


As it is in our aspiration to make our presence felt on the World Wide Web, the Society Of Remisiers hopes to provide a value added portal for our remisiers or dealers, their clients and the public at large. It is our intention to construct a focal point where all financial matters relating to equities, futures and other derivatives are discussed and exemplified.

Unlike other financial portals, our site has a forum that will allow only remisiers who are also our members to contribute their views and opinions of any nature relating to the financial industry, or try to answer questions about specific stocks and/or its derivatives. This, in turn is open to the public for viewing only. As such, the niche is to create a platform where clients and the investing public can get an insight into what the dealing fraternity has to offer in addition to those of other business institutions like fund management firms, stock brokerages, exchanges and banks.


  • All Society's members/users of the chatroom must register with
  • Users must accept responsibility for their actions.
  • You must respect and acknowledge that there are legitimate differences of views and opinions between users, and agree to disagree. You must guard your uniqueness and to take all measures and steps as may be necessary to protect your virtual identity. Take steps to ensure the confidentiality of your user identification code and/or password.
  • You must alert the Society Of Remisiers if you are aware of or reasonably believe that there is unauthorized use of your user identification code and/or password, or any other form of breach of security.
  • You must at all time observe the laws of copyright. Provide adequate acknowledgement for any materials used that is not your own.
  • You must never disclose confidential or sensitive information like price sensitive information that are protected by insider-dealing rules and proprietary information that may be detrimental to others, financially and otherwise.
  • Users engage in a discussion must behave responsibly. Contributions of an observation must be reliable and true. Opinions of your own must be stated as such. You must be prepared to stand by what you have said and done. The Society Of Remisiers and its committee will not be responsible or be liable for any messages, views, opinions and recommendations by users of the Website.
    Users are to refrain from messages and materials that are libelous, harassing, vulgar, irreligious or otherwise objectionable that may expose you to legal action. The Society Of Remisiers and its committee does not actively check or edit the messages, views, opinions and recommendations of users.
  • Users of the Website are prohibited from using it as a platform for advertising, touting, or offers to sell, buy or otherwise transact in any products or services
  • You must be responsible for your own actions and make your own judgement of any information derived from this Website. The Society Of Remisiers, its committee and the rest of the community cannot be held responsible for your actions. We do not hold ourselves out as giving or purporting to give financial, investment, legal, tax and other professional advice.
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